The Hermon Hawk Battalion is one of the largest programs in northern New England that is made up of high school students with a mission to motivate young people to become better citizens. Instructed by Major (Retired) Marcel Fortier and First Sergeant (Retired) Rob Jenkins, the Hawk Battalion participates in various service activities throughout the year while also competing in competitive Drill and Ceremonies, Marksmanship, and Raiders physical fitness competitions. Cadets build leadership and citizenship values within themselves through volunteer service, team membership, and numerous leadership opportunities in and out of the classroom.

The Hawk Battalion is led by a carefully-selected Command & Staff Board, consisting of thirteen cadets with dedicated jobs assisting with the upkeep and organization of the program. The first six positions consist of the Administrative, Security, Operations/Training, Supply/Logistics, Public Affairs, and Communications officers, led by the Executive Officer.

The battalion is divided into two companies, each led by a Company Commander and a First Sergeant. Cadets are overseen by a Command Sergeant Major, the highest ranking enlisted cadet who is responsible for all lower-ranking enlisted students and the battalion’s daily flag detail management. Finally, overseeing the entire battalion is the Battalion Commander. This student is responsible for everything that the battalion does.

Our Command & Staff members change annually as new cadets apply for these jobs. The application process is professional, and prepares students for real-world jobs, by including an interview with the interested cadet. This process is competitive, and it is considered both an honor and a huge responsibility for the students selected. Some cadets keep their positions for years, while others are always seeking to increase their responsibility by applying for higher positions.

The Hermon Hawk Battalion is all about being a part of something bigger than yourself. Whether this is through volunteer service, team membership, or contributing to your school, cadets are always making a difference.